How to Create Smart Alerts
This tutorial will walk you through all the steps you need to track wallets and create NFT alerts on BlockVision.
Video version of this tutorial:
First go to the Alert page
Click [Create Now]
Fill in the Wallet Tracking or NFT(with a unique TokenID) Tracking form with the following information:
  • Alert name;
  • The public chain to which it belongs;
  • Token type;
  • Wallet address/token address;
  • Number of tokens (optional);
  • Type of channel to receive alerts (Telegram/Discord/Slack, click here to see how to get ID/Webhook URL)
Click [Confirm], and your Alert is created.
Wait for the monitoring event to happen. When it happens, you will receive real-time notifications on the channel you selected. The content is as follows:
Dear BlockVision users: A transaction occurred at the wallet address 0xaf0642f7139ad5B6bA863385F9d97FB6Bb9dFDFD monitored by Notify【Test Alert】.The specific details are as follows:
Trading time: 2022-03-10 06:54:35
Quantity: 0.210 ETH
Transaction fee: 0.00379 ETH
Tx hash:0x0d070f3446cf416f3bb0283b5010a6e2699203921811bec54ae48e911f87dc98
Click [https://dashboard.blockvision.org/alert to view the transaction details]
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