Smart Alert

What can I do with BlockVision's Smart Alerts?

BlockVision's Smart Alerts will make your crypto life way much more effective and easier, if you are:
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    An NFT collector. Want to track an NFT and get notified with your most frequently-used App in real-time when it is traded? No problem! Want to peek an expert NFT trader's transaction to avoid missing any great opportunity? We got you covered - without any latency!
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    A frequent crypto trader. Want to track the big whales and the smart money and take action immediate actions? BlockVision's Smart Alerts can come really handy, with the ability to track both the chain's native token and its ERC20 tokens. (E.g. BNB & BEP20 tokens on BNB Chain)
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    A passionate DAO participant. Want to track the activities of your Treasury, or the funding team's wallet, so when money goes to "unapproved" places, you are the first person to know and inform the community to take according actions? Try Smart Alerts and you won't be able to leave it.

How Do I Use BlockVision's Smart Alerts?

It only takes 1 minute to set up a Smart Alert on BlockVision to enjoy real-time notify without any latency. Follow this video tutorial or text guide to create your first Smart Alert now.


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    Automatically track all the movements on the blockchain you care about
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    Low latency, real-time access to monitoring dynamics
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    Fast and flexible operation, complete your monitoring set up in one minute
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    Track the sale of NFTs and monitoring the transactions on large wallets
Alert List

Existing Problems

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    The decentralization and open data features of the blockchain allow us to view all transaction data at any time, which greatly improves transparency. However, monitoring is cumbersome without relying on any tools. Not only that, when we see the transaction records of the target address, the best time has passed with the information losing value the later it's received and we cannot adjust personal trading strategies based on this.
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    In the past two years, we can all see the emergence of hacking incidents and they only increase with each new chain or project. Therefore, the security of the contract is particularly important. As a developer, you need to be careful and vigilant if there are any changes in the parameters of the deployed contract. However, these continuous tasks that require extreme attention are difficult to accomplish without any tools.


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    BlockVision's Smart Alert monitors user-specified target addresses or NFTs in real time, reducing labor and improving convenience. At the same time, sending instant delivery of alerts to users after an event occurs is also the primary focus. The extremely low latency can help users receive information faster and make adjustments to trading strategies.
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    The developer's monitoring of contract changes can also be programmed. Developers can set relevant monitoring parameters for their deployed contracts through Smart Alert to prevent potential hacker attacks, freeing up their time and focus.


Wallet Account Tracking

BlockVision provides monitoring of multiple token types for a given wallet account to meet different usage scenarios. For example, monitoring the number of ETH tokens and transactions to and from a target address.

NFT Tracking

In addition to tracking wallet addresses, BlockVision can also track a specified NFT's history and trajectory. For example, from which address BAYC#88 was transferred to and from which address it was sent from.

Multiple Chains

BlockVision's Smart Alert supports multi-chain dynamic tracking and notification. Not only for ERC, but also BEP and other standards.