Airdrop & Marketing Strategy

Every blockchain start-up, be it DeFi, NFT, GameFi or analysis & ranking, will want to get insights into usage patterns of their consumers. Data analytics is the key to corporate competitive advantage because of its role in identifying emerging market trends. In turn, companies can use this information to make quicker and more informed decisions that help them drive profitability.
In the world of Web 3.0, the positions, transaction & approval history in a wallet indicate a lot about the owner. A heavy player of GameFi? A crypto whale looking for the next DeFi hotspot? An avid NFT collector? With some complex analytics on the historical data across multiple chains, we can help your project more accurately target the potential users. No more wasted advertising fees and marketing efforts going in vain.

Position Analysis

Position analysis is an important part of BlockVision's marketing strategy. This strategy analyzes the FT/NFT position holdings of all blockchain users, and filters out the target user groups through numerical values, so as to help you airdrop rewards to Users who will really bring value to your project.
Want to target users with a certain amount of given Token balance? BlockVision will quickly give you a list of all potential users with that criteria.
Want to target users with over 100 GameFi NFTs on a chain? It's an easy task for BlockVision to extract and present the data for you.

Transaction Volume Analysis

BlockVision's marketing strategy supports the selection of user groups that have achieved a certain amount of transaction volume in mainstream protocols. Through the size of the transaction volume of mainstream protocols, it can be judged to a certain extent whether the user is a heavy user of a certain category of products.
For example, LooksRare's airdrop strategy is aimed at the user group whose transaction volume reaches 2ETH on OpenSea. These people are not only likely to be big NFT players, but also the target users of the project.

Discover the high-quality users

Historical activity data in a wallet can be a good indicator of the owner's transaction habits and preferences. Through BlockVision's raw snapshot API, we can drill down into a user's activity history to find out who is a habitual DeFi user, an avid NFT collector, or a seasoned GameFi player. We were also able to separate one-time users from long-term loyal users, and reward/airdrop hunters from users who truly believed in the potential of Web 3.0.