Troubleshooting Bugs

BlockVision's Development Toolkits can quickly help developers troubleshoot bugs and improve efficiency, as all the relevant details are in one system.
All requests initiated through BlockVision can be traced through the dashboard and developers can quickly view statistical data about their dApps. Based on BlockVision's Mempool and Webhook modules, developers can quickly track the life cycle of related transactions. Through BlockVision's Alert module, developers can track Wallet and NFT data on the chain in real time.

Monitor Requests

Developers are able to view all the API calls through BlockVision in the Monitor Dashboard, with more information including request time, request parameters, error codes and response times.
To make it more convenient for developers to locate different API calls, BlockVision supports searching with four filters: App, Method, Code, and Time. The picture below shows the API request record with the filters of “fantom-testnet” as the App, “eth_sendRawTransaction” as the Method, and “-32000” as the Code. On BlockVision’s Dashboard, we can see that the cause of this failed call is “insufficient funds for gas * price + value”.
Developers are able to “Retry” and conduct search with the same method.

Track Transaction Lifecycle

Developers are able to track the whole life cycle of a transaction that was sent from the BlockVision App. A transaction can have three states: Minted, Pending, Dropped. Let’s use the “Pending” transaction in the picture below as a demonstration.
After 10 seconds pending in Mempool, this transaction is verified and recorded on Fantom mainnet. With BlockVision’s Mempool Watcher, developers are able to view detailed information of the transaction, including Send Time, Transaction Hash, Gas Price, Sender, and Receiver.
Apart from the visualization of these transactions, developers are also able to track transactions and get notified through Slack in real-time, upon a transaction failing or succeeding.

Call Analytics

With BlockVision Stats, developers can get a bird’s-eye view of their API calls. They can browse all the API request stats on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. With the visualization of API call stats, users are able to monitor the health of their DApps with just a quick glance.


Developers can also choose to send API requests on the BlockVision Console instead of their terminal windows. All the requests will be recorded under the Monitor Dashboard.