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BlockVision is a one-stop development platform and on-chain data retrieval center for developers.

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What is BlockVision?

BlockVision is a one-stop development platform and on-chain data retrieval center for developers. It doesn't only provide node services, but also basic & enhanced FT & NFT APIs, Alerts, and a development platform where developers can quickly debug & monitor the health of their Dapps with BlockVision's Dashboard, Console, and Mempool. BlockVision is already live on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon.
With BlockVision's powerful development toolkit, users are able to the API call history, API call Analytics, monitor the life cycle of transactions on the chain and get notified in real-time.

Product Ecosystem

RPC Node

Empowered by its multi-data-center deployment, BlockVision provides ultra fast node service on numerous public chains. To use these RPC endpoints, you need a BlockVision API key to authenticate your requests. Follow this tutorial register with BlockVision and create free API keys.
You can choose among the three API keys of a certain chain provided by BlockVision and interact with them through BlockVision’s Console, in the code or with your crypto wallet, like MetaMask (See Tutorials on how to configure BlockVision in MetaMask).

Development Toolkit

BlockVision provides users with a comprehensive development toolkit, with features including Monitor Dashboard, API Stats, Console, Mempool, and Webhook.
Monitor Dashboard: Records all the API calls initiated by your BlockVision Apps, with detailed information on request time, request parameters, error codes and response times.
API Stats: Provides you with a bird’s-eye view of API calls. Displays API request records on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. With the visualization of API call stats, users are able to monitor the health of their DApps with just a quick glance.
Console: You can choose to send API requests on the BlockVision Console instead of terminal windows. All the requests will be recorded under the Monitor Dashboard as well.
Mempool: Tracks the whole life cycle of a transaction that was sent from the BlockVision App. A transaction can have three states: Minted, Pending, Dropped.
Webhook: Track transactions status and send you real-time notification through Webhook upon a transaction failing or succeeding.

Enhanced API

Empowered by its HTAP (Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing) technology, BlockVision provides a series of basic & enhanced APIs of FT and NFT on numerous chains. You can quickly get the data you need without having to scan the entire chain. It greatly reduces time and development costs for you.

API Category

Take a quick look at BlockVision's API reference page for a full list of available services. This is a set of services that make development work more convenient and efficient. It not only includes basic APIs for each chain of Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, but BlockVision also improves more advanced services:

  1. ERC20 API
  2. NFT API
  3. Portfolio API
  4. DeFi API

Why BlockVision?

  • Reduced Cost: BlockVision’s ultra-fast node services help you save time and money spent on node deployment and maintenance. Meanwhile, empowered by its HTAP engine, you can get any historical data you want without scanning the entire chain.
  • Boosted Efficiency: With BlockVision’s complete development toolkit, including Dashboard, Mempool, Console, Webhook, and other features, you can get notified in real-time upon a failed transaction and accurately locate errors.
  • Augmented Visualization: With BlockVision’s powerful API analytics, you can get a clear picture of API calls in various dimensions and monitor the health of your Dapp.
  • Improved Scalability: Easily support multiple public chains with strong scalability.
    Enhanced Security: A large number of nodes are deployed in BlockVision’s multi-layer infrastructure to ensure security.

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Start using the BlockVision API in just 3 easy steps! Follow the getting started tutorials below to learn how to create an app, get an API key, make a request and monitor the results: