The core data model in the BlockVision API is the asset, which represents a unique digital item whose ownership is managed by the blockchain.

Here is an overview of the fields contained in an asset.

Field NameObjectDescriptionExample
contractAddressstringString - Contract address for the NFT asset0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d
contractNamestringString - Contract name for the NFT assetBoredApeYachtClub
tokenIdstringString - The token ID of the NFT1
ercTypestringThe ERC type of the NFT (ERC-721 or ERC-1155)erc721
amountintInteger - The amount of the NFT (1 by default for ERC-721)1
metadataJsonobjectThe metadata in JSON format{"image":"ipfs://"}
namestringString -The name of the NFT asset# 1
contentUristringString - The content URI to displayimage/png
imageUristringString - The image URI to displayQmPbxeGcXhYQQNgsC
externalLinkstringString - External link to the original website
rarityRankintInteger - The rarity rank of the item2668
isSuspiciousBooleanTRUE if it is a Suspicious NFTfalse
attributesobjectThe NFT attributes[{"attribute_name":"Mouth","attribute_value":"Grin","percentage":"7.13%"},{"attribute_name":"Clothes","attribute_value":"Vietnam Jacket","percentage":"2.24%"},{"attribute_name":"Background","attribute_value":"Orange","percentage":"12.73%"},{"attribute_name":"Eyes","attribute_value":"Blue Beams","percentage":"0.49%"},{"attribute_name":"Fur","attribute_value":"Robot","percentage":"2.65%"}]