Sui Indexing API

BlockVision's Indexing APIs simplify integration and make Data Retrieval Efficient.

BlockVision is pleased to announce we launch its highly anticipated Indexing API. This revolutionary API aims to provide developers and users with seamless access to valuable information about both NFT and coins on Sui Network, enabling them to retrieve specific details effortlessly. With the power of the Indexing API, users or developers can access information regarding account collections, individual collection details, top holders, NFT lists, and coin holders.

For the Indexing APIs on Sui, we currently only open them for whitelisted users. If you're interested, please submit your request here or contact us via Discord or Email. For higher throughput, create your own API key.
Before we delve into the key features and benefits of each APIs, here is the general overview

  1. Account's Collections API
    The Indexing API's first endpoint allows users to retrieve collection information from any provided account address. By providing the account address as an input parameter, developers and users can obtain essential details such as the collection's image, name, collection id aka collection type or object type of the collection, quantity, and package ID.
  2. A Single Collection Info API
    With this endpoint, users can gather detailed information about a specific collection by specifiying the collection type. The API will return crucial details including the collection's image, name, description, collection ID, holders, package ID, and total supply of that collection. This information provides valuable insights into the characteristics and popularity of the collection.
  3. Collection Top Holders API
    For those interested in discovering the top holders of a particular collection, BlockVision's Collection Top Holders API offers this capability, taking into account the Kiosk scenario. By providing the collection ID, users can retrieve a list of account addresses associated with their respective holding quantities. This feature enables users to identify key stakeholders within the NFT collection.
  4. Collection NFT List API
    The Collection NFT List API allows users to access a comprehensive list of NFTs within a specific collection. By providing the collection ID as input, users can obtain detailed information about each NFT, including its image, name, description, standard (originByte or None), owner, and object ID. This functionality enables users to explore and analyze individual NFTs within a collection efficiently.
  5. Coin Holders API
    BlockVision's Coin Holders API also offers a convenient method for retrieving information about coin holders. By specifying the coin type as an input parameter, users can obtain a list of account addresses along with the corresponding balances held by each individual. This feature is especially useful for tracking and analyzing the distribution of each specific coin .

BlockVision's Indexing APIs introduces a powerful tool for developers and users to seamlessly access vital information about NFT and coins. With these APIs designed to retrieve account collections, single collection details, top holders of a NFT , NFT lists, and coin holders, users can effortlessly explore and analyze the intricate details of Sui-based collections. This API opens up a world of possibilities for developers, researchers, and NFT enthusiasts who seek to gain deeper insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets. Furthermore, BlockVision's in-house engineers are continuously working to develop additional indexing services that will streamline the building process for other developers within the Sui ecosystem.