Returns holders of a coin by a given object type.


Supported on Sui Mainnet.


The Coin Holders API on Sui is currently available to approved Members. If you're interested, please apply through here.


  • coinType, string - the coin type for the coin to get the holders.
  • pageIndex, integer - the index of the page to retrieve. The first page is typically indexed as 1, and subsequent pages are numbered incrementally.
  • pageSize, integer - the number of records showing on each page. 20 by default and up to 50.


Object - a returned object with coin holders info, next page index and total holders of a coin. Contains:

  • data, array - an array of coin holder objects, or an empty array if there are no holders.
    • address, string - the address of a holder.
    • quantity, string - the number of coins a holder has.
    • percentage, float - the relative share of coins held by an individual holder.
  • nextPageIndex, integer - the index of the next page to retrieve. Current page index will be returned if there are no more pages.
  • total, integer - the number of holders of a coin.

For higher throughput, create your own API key.

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