RPC Node for Sui

The BlockVision team has amassed extensive experience in RPC Node operation within the Sui ecosystem, and is also a Sui validator. Our mission is to provide stable RPC services for the developers of Sui ecosystem.

Currently, we offer three types of RPC services: "Public RPC Endpoint", "Private RPC Endpoint" and "Enterprise Node Solution". Feel free to contact us via Discord or email to learn more about the details.

Public RPC Endpoint

BlockVision provides a free Public RPC Endpoint Service for Sui ecosystem developers. Here are the links:

  1. Mainnet RPC Endpoint: https://sui-mainnet-endpoint.blockvision.org
  2. Testnet RPC Endpoint: https://sui-testnet-endpoint.blockvision.org

For Public Endpoint, the Rate Limit is 10 requests per second.

Private RPC Endpoint

Compared to Public RPC Endpoint, Private RPC Endpoint is more stable. Each developer can get a private API Key and track the request accumulation of the API Key for data analysis purposes. Private RPC Endpoint adopts the Pay-as-You-Use model, and users can customize the Rate Limit and Compute Unit according to their individual needs.

For Private Endpoint, each RPC call currently consumes 30 compute unit.

How to Register

You can create an account on our dashboard. After completing the registration process, you will be directed to a page where you can click on the 「Create APP」 button.

Next, select 「Sui」 and click on the 「Confirm」 button to create your app.

Once you have created your app, you can click on 「View API Key」 to see your own unique API Key.


For each of your API Keys, you can track the call data and Compute Unit usage through our dashboard.

You can also easily track request logs, view request parameters and response data.


We charge based on compute units, and all fees are fully transparent. Please refer to our Pricing documentation for more details.

MembershipCostRequests per MonthRate Limit
Free$0 per month330,00010 requests per second
Lite$29 per month3,300,00016 requests per second
Basic$99 per month20,000,00033 requests per second
Pro$199 per month500,000,00066 requests per second

Enterprise Node Solution

For users with exceptionally high traffic or latency requirements, we also offer an Enterprise Node solution that enables project owners to set up their own private, high-performance Node service. Please feel free to contact us via Discord or email to learn more about this option.