Retrieve Account Activity

Return the history activity of account without scanning the entire chain.


Supported on Sui Mainnet.


The Account's Activity API on Sui are currently available to approved Members. If you're interested, please apply through here.


  • data - an array of the specified NFT activity detail. An empty array will be returned if there are no holders.
    • txDigest, string - transaction block digest associated with the particular activity. For example, 2vgT6cCmkbFqpYyaT6NisPmoWWG1KVQSZU2wZhztbeYQ.
    • package, string - the package id associated with the particular activity. Taking the transaction digest mentioned above,the associated package is 0x80d114c5d474eabc2eb2fcd1a0903f1eb5b5096a8dc4184d72453f7a9be728e4.
    • timestampMs, integer - the time when this transaction block is validated, measured in milliseconds, for example 1687635197434.
    • projectName, string - the project name associated with the package, for example, Cetus Protocol..
    • activityType, string - the activityType field indicates the type of action performed. We have differentiated it among NFT and Others. When it's an NFT activity type, the parameter nftMetadata will return the metadata of the involved NFT along with the attributes.
    • functionName, string - function name under the asscoiated package invoked by the account address, for example, claim.
    • nftMetadata, object - if the activity type is an NFT, the following metadata information is returned as below.
      • objectId, string - the object ID of the NFT associated with the transaction block, for example, '0x8fa4a011bebb365b3d2a12a75da204d3ce289edcf1090f030012f27e126aedaa'.
      • objectType,string - the object type aka collection type of the NFT associated with the transaction block '0x975d2f98f59df9825b98a8c819df4c46a8a0ae7cf44424111bf59494ea6e7d7d::sips::Sips'.
      • eventType,string - the specific event type for this particular NFT activity, for example, 'Sale'.
      • marketPlace,string - the marketplace in which the transaction block is involved, for example, 'Clutchy'.
      • description,string - the description of the associated NFT metadata, for example, 'A project for the people. Your identity into the world of Sips'.
      • projectURL,string - the project official url if the associated package is verified, for example,''.
      • imageURL,string - the image url of the associated NFT metadata, for example, ''.
      • name,string - the name of the associated NFT metadata, for example, ' Sips #581'.
  • nextPageCursor, integer - the index of the next page to retrieve. Current page index will be returned if the last page is reached.
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