Gets all Coins currently owned by a given address on Sui Network with related price and metadata info.


Supported on Sui Mainnet.


The Account Coins API on Sui is currently exclusively available to Pro Members. However, non-Pro members can also enjoy a trial period with an allocation of 300 free calls. If you're interested, please register directly through here. Please note that the API Key can also be used for your RPC endpoint.


  • account, string- a 32 Byte address with '0x' as prefix. The address to search for the coin holdings.


  • coinType, string - the unique cointype of a coin with '0x' as prefix (e.g., 0x06864a6f921804860930db6ddbe2e16acdf8504495ea7481637a1c8b9a8fe54b::cetus::CETUS)
  • name, string - the name return from metadata of the coin.(e.g., Cetus Token)
  • symbol, string - the symbol return from metadata of the coin.(e.g., CETUS)
  • decimals, integer - the decimals return from the metadata of the coin.(e.g., for CETUS, the decimal is 9)
  • balance, string - the amount of the respective coin held by provided account.
  • verified, boolean - the coin has been verified on SuiVision.
  • logo, string - the logo url return from the metadata of the coin.
  • usdValue, string - the USD value of the coin.
  • objects, integer - the number of objects for each respective coin.
  • price, string - the current price of a coin in USD (e.g., 1.034).
  • priceChangePercentage24H, string - the Percentage change in the price of a coin over the last 24 hours (e.g., 0.9443).
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