Return the history owners of any NFT without scanning the entire chain.


The Indexing NFT APIs on Sui are currently exclusively available to Pro Members. However, non-Pro members can also enjoy a trial period with an allocation of 300 free calls. If you're interested, please register directly through here. Please note that the API Key can also be used for your RPC endpoint.


  • objectId, string - search by NFT Object ID.
  • pageSize, integer - the number of records showing on each page. 20 by default and up to 50.
  • pageIndex, integer - the index of the page to retrieve. The first page is typically indexed as 1, and subsequent pages are numbered incrementally.


object - a returned object with NFT collection holders info, next page index and total number of NFT collection holders. Contains:

  • data - an array of NFT collection holder objects. An empty array will be returned if there are no holders.
    • ownerAddress, string - the address of the owner of an NFT object.
    • timestampMs, integer - the time of the owner of NFT.
  • nextPageIndex, integer - the index of the next page to retrieve. Current page index will be returned if the last page is reached.
  • total, integer - the count of history owner

For higher throughput, create your own API key.

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